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Chievo Verona

Chievo Verona journey to Stadio Romeo Menti on Saturday for the Serie B tie with hosts Vicenza.

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Vicenza fans will want a repeat of their previous result, being a 0-1 Serie B triumph against Cremonese.

In that match, Vicenza managed 43% possession and 14 shots at goal with 3 of them on target. The only player on the scoresheet for Vicenza was Emanuele Padella (84'). Cremonese got 10 shots at goal with 1 of them on target.

It has been seldom in recent games that Vicenza have shown defensive steel. The facts show that Biancorossi have been scored against in 5 of their previous 6 matches, shipping 12 goals in the process.

Looking at their past form shows that Vicenza:

  • are undefeated in their previous 3 home league matches.
  • haven’t won at home in the past 5 league games. Their supporters are understandably frustrated.

Chievo Verona

Chievo Verona

Previously, Chievo Verona drew 1-1 in the Serie B tie with Pordenone.

In that game, Chievo Verona managed 59% possession and 16 shots at goal with 7 on target. The only player on the scoresheet for Chievo Verona was Michael Fabbro (61'). Pordenone had 7 shots at goal with 4 on target. Sebastian Musiolik (92') was the scorer for Pordenone.

Over the course of their previous 6 clashes, Chievo Verona have helped themselves to a total of 8 goals. Mussi Volanti have also managed to score on each one of those occasions. In that time, their defenders have seen 4 goals scored by their opponents. Such a pattern isn’t assured to be carried forward into this game, of course.

Heading into this fixture, Chievo Verona have not been beaten in their last 5 away league matches.

Team News: Vicenza

Pietro Beruatto (Corona virus), Stefano Giacomelli (Corona virus), Lamin Jallow (Corona virus), Luca Barlocco (Corona virus), Nicola Bizzotto (Corona virus), Nicolas Gerardi (Corona virus), Daniel Cappelletti (Corona virus), Matteo Bruscagin (Corona virus), Emanuele Padella (Corona virus), Matteo Grandi (Corona virus), Mario Ierardi (Herniated Disc) and Simone Pontisso (Cruciate Ligament Rupture) will not be taking part for Vicenza boss Domenico Di Carlo.

Team News: Chievo Verona

From a largely healthy group of players, there’s only the one fitness worry for the Chievo Verona boss Alfredo Aglietti to contend with. Felice D'Amico (Foot Injury) misses out for this game.


Looking at these two teams, we feel that Vicenza may well find it hard to register a score against this Chievo Verona lineup who we think will get a goal themselves and run out victorious.

With that in mind, we reckon that it will be a very competitive encounter with a 0-1 advantage for Chievo Verona when the referee blows for full-time.

A close call.

What are the best odds for this match?

Checking out the betting prices for the game on the WDW market, staking on Vicenza is available for 3.46, betting on the draw is 3.25 & selecting the win for Chievo Verona gets you 2.3. They’re the best market prices offered right now.

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