ŠKF Sereď

ViOn Zlaté Moravce

2020-10-24 15:00:00

ŠKF Sereď

ŠKF Sereď

ŠKF Sereď will be hoping for a better result following the 3-0 Super Liga loss in their previous game against Slovan Bratislava.

It has been seldom in recent times that ŠKF Sereď have shown defensive steel. It will be a concern for them that Sereď have seen their defence breached in 6 of their previous 6 matches, shipping 12 goals along the way. That kind of trend isn’t assured to be sustained into this game, though.

Taking a look at their past results, ŠKF Sereď:

  • haven’t been defeated in their previous 6 home league matches.
  • have not won at home in their last 2 matches in the league.

ViOn Zlaté Moravce

ViOn Zlaté Moravce

ViOn Zlaté Moravce will go into this encounter following a 3-1 Super Liga win with the defeat of Nitra in their last game.

Looking at their form, and ViOn Zlaté Moravce have been scored against in 5 of their last 6 matches, conceding 8 goals overall. In defence, ViOn ZM have some weaknesses to address.

Going into this one, ViOn Zlaté Moravce are without a win away from home in their last 6 league games.

Team News: ŠKF Sereď

ŠKF Sereď boss Slavche Vojneski has zero fitness concerns whatsoever ahead of this clash with a completely healthy squad to choose from.

Team News: ViOn Zlaté Moravce

With a completely injury-free group available to select from, ViOn Zlaté Moravce boss Karol Praženica has zero fitness worries at all before this game.


We envisage that ViOn Zlaté Moravce should have enough to score against this ŠKF Sereď side, however that is unlikely to be as many as they will have scored against them.

We are anticipating a close game with a 2-1 winning margin for ŠKF Sereď after 90 minutes. Should be an interesting one.

What are the top odds for this match?

Checking the latest betting odds for this match in the 90 minute result market, a victory for ŠKF Sereď can be had for 2.31, betting on the draw is 3.6 and selecting a win for ViOn Zlaté Moravce will get you 3.25. They are the top market prices available at this very moment.

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